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European Professional Affairs Handbook for Tax Advisers

CFE presents first European Professional Affairs Handbook for Tax Advisers.

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Standing for qualified professional tax advice

On 1 December 2010, the Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE) as umbrella association of the European tax profession, will release the first‐ever European Handbook on professional affairs issues for tax advisers. The compendium will deal with the situation in 19 European countries, covering a number of professional affairs issues like e.g. professional qualification and conduct as well as insurance, multidisciplinary cooperation, client confidentiality and cross‐border activity. Tax professionals interested in practicing in another country find information about professional rules and contact details in 19 “Country Sheets”. An introductory part provides an overview across the participating countries, taking a comparative approach, and explains the EU law context.

The book has 217 pages with coloured charts and can be purchased from CFE for € 25 plus 5 € shipping cost (discounts on shipping for larger orders available). For more information, please contact the CFE Brussels office: brusselsoffice@cfe‐

For more information contact:
CFE Brussels office
Rudolf Reibel, Fiscal and Professional Affairs Officer
188A, Av. de Tervuren
B-1150 Bruxelles
tel: +32 2 761 00 91 / fax: +32 2 761 00 90 /

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